What is community engagement?

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Consumer engagement

Consumer engagement informs broader community engagement. Health consumers actively participate in their own healthcare and in health policy, planning, service delivery and evaluation at service and agency levels.

Community engagement

Community engagement refers to the connections between government, communities and people in the development and implementation of policies, programs, services and projects. It encompasses a wide variety of HHS-community interactions ranging from information sharing to community consultation and, in some instances, active participation in HHS decision making. It incorporates public participation, with people being empowered to contribute to decisions affecting their lives, through the acquisition of skills, knowledge and experience. (Consumer and Community Engagement Framework, Health Consumers Queensland 2012)

More information

For more information about consumer and community engagement visit:

Health Consumers Queensland
Health Consumers Queensland is the peak health consumer organisation representing the interests of Queensland health consumers.

Consumers Health Forum (CHF) of Australia
CHF is the peak organisation providing leadership in representing the interests of Australian healthcare consumers.

8 January 2015